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About Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC.

Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC (KSPS) was formed in 1997 by joining the two premier providers of tower specialty services in the world - Koch Engineering Field Service and Glitsch Field Services.

Today, KSPS provides the industries we serve with unsurpassed specialty tower services in the U.S., Latin America, and throughout the world. We are also able to provide ancillary specialty mechanical services including hydraulic bolting and exchanger services as may be required to facilitate a successful project.

KSPS has become a market leader for providing tower, vessel and mass transfer equipment services.  KSPS’ success can primarily be attributed to two things:  1) our unique business philosophy, Market Based Management® (MBM); and 2) highly experienced personnel including field managers and a large complement of core craft personnel trained in our specialty work.

Many organizations, KSPS included, are proud of their personnel and understand that success would not be possible without our employees’ commitment, hard work and effort.  The difference between KSPS’ personnel and that of other organizations’ is that KSPS empowers its employees to make principle-based decisions utilizing our MBM framework.  This unique approach helps to ensure that we remain a customer-focused organization whose goal is to solve problems and create value for the customer and KSPS.





Corporate Headquarters

12221 E. Sam Houston Parkway North

Houston, TX 77044-5094

PHONE: 713-427-7700
TOLL FREE: 800-765-9177
FAX: 713-427-7747


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