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Replacement Equipment


Koch-Glitsch, LP is a world leader in mass transfer technology and new and replacement equipment manufacturing.

Replacement Equipment

  • State-of-the-art research and development, engineering design capabilities and manufacturing processes.
  • U.S. and local manufacturing capabilities which reduce import restrictions and delays.
  • Drawing and record retention program to more accurately identify our customers’ existing equipment and changes that have occurred over time.
  • Koch-Glitsch, LP, in collaboration with KSPS, utilizes its vast resources to improve design and installation efficiency for both new and replacement equipment.

Certified Tower Specialist

Koch Specialty Plant Services can provide a Certified Tower Specialist resource during critical turnarounds for inspection of internals during the discovery and installation phases of the project.
  • Certified Tower Specialist credentials are an industry first. They are earned by knowledgeable and experienced employees who have completed an extensive training curriculum and passed a rigorous certification exam.
  • A Certified Tower Specialist monitors each step of your installation.
  • Certified Tower Specialists verify that the equipment is installed to Koch Glitsch™ standards and specifications as to achieve maximum performance from your tower after start up.
  • A Certified Tower Specialist can inspect the existing condition of mass transfer equipment and arrange for quick delivery of replacement internals as required.
  • Combined with the experience from thousands of successful Koch Glitsch™ installations, our training and certification process ensures the Certified Tower Specialist personnel are prepared to add value to your turnaround team.

Automated Hardware Ordering Program (AHOP)

  • Database with the most up-to-date tower information allows us to tailor a consignment program to fit our customers’ specific turnaround needs. This program saves customers time, money and resources and also eliminates guess work.
  • Full-time staff committed to ensuring information is accurate and timely response is guaranteed.

Mist Elimination

KSPS and Koch Otto-York work hand-in-hand to ensure our customer’s DEMISTER® mist eliminator needs are met.






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