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Tower and Vessel Services

Tower Internals

  • Installation, removal and/or modification
  • Trays, packing and attachments – new, replacement and repair
  • Reactor internals
  • Open, clean, inspect, and repair
  • Turnarounds / Outages / Shutdowns

Revamps/Vessel Sections

  • Blind-to-Blind
  • ASME® / NBIC Repairs / Alterations
  • ASME® and NBIC Code Welding and Fabrication
  • Structural attachments – repair, replace and modify
  • Nozzle repair, replacement and installation


  • ONE supplier / installer approach provides for more coordinated communication resulting in less administration for client and around-the- clock problem solving
  • Single point of contact - conception to completion
  • Joint reviews by experienced KSPS field supervisors and equipment engineers to produce optimized mechanical designs best suited for safe and efficient installation
  • Constructability reviews by KSPS and Koch-Glitsch, LP to ensure field installation schedule is optimized
  • Tolerance and specification awareness resulting in the highest quality installation and optimum equipment performance






Photo Tower and Vessel Services