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We Do What We Say We Can Do

Ever have a contractor not meet schedule, quality, cost, or even worse, safety commitments?  Unfortunately, our industry is faced with many challenges - manpower shortages, resource constraints, craft certification and training, etc.  A truly successful company not only strives to overcome these obstacles short term, but also develops and implements processes to mitigate these and other issues in the long term.

KSPS’ core MBM® Guiding Principles 1 & 2 require that we conduct our business with integrity and remain fully compliant with all applicable rules and laws.  Principle 5 addresses the importance of customer relationships. Combined, these Principles mandate that we be both willing and able to fulfill our commitments and deliver on our promises.  Thus, we will not make commitments that we can not keep.   

Koch Specialty Plant Services LLC sets the industry standard for specialty tower, vessel and mass transfer internal services.  Our reputation is built on delivering customers the quality project they expect in a safe and timely manner.  In short, our experience and business philosophy combined with our core values, beliefs and Principles allow us to deliver a value proposition which is unmatched in our industry.  At KSPS, ‘"We do what we say we can do” is more than a slogan – it is a standard.





Corporate Headquarters

12221 E. Sam Houston Parkway North

Houston, TX 77044-5094

PHONE: 713-427-7700
TOLL FREE: 800-765-9177
FAX: 713-427-7747


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