Turnkey Services

Our Full-Service Advantage
As part of Koch Engineered Solutions, Koch Specialty Plant Services helps you consolidate responsibilities to keep your projects on time and within budget. We integrate equipment design and construction planning to improve efficiency at every step.
Range of Capabilities
Whether you are upgrading a current system or building a greenfield project, we offer the following turnkey services:
• Specialized John Zink Equipment Installation
• Construction management and field execution
• Safety management
• Quality management
• Civil and structural engineering management
• Equipment installation
• OSBL installation (civil, structural, mechanical, I&E, etc.)
• Mechanical, electrical and control tie-ins
• Lighting design and installation
• Loop checks, commissioning and training
Safety: We go above and beyond to be safe. Both KSPS and JZHC operate OSHA-approved VPP sites. Our team brings that same safety focus to our customer locations when executing Turnkey Services construction projects—providing safe work and peace of mind.
Equipment Installation
Our world-class team provides proven installation expertise for a diverse list of products:
• Process Burners
• Flares
• Boilers and Steam Generation Equipment
• Flue gas treatment
• Gas recovery
• Landfill and biogas systems
• Thermal oxidizers
• Vapor control
• Heat transfer
• Oil, gas, and liquids separation, treating and conditioning
• Combustion monitoring